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G2 Ring Light


G2 ? Selfie Ring Light Foldable Stand Best Buy

Do you need more lighting during a photoshoot? Your video recording is not clear when playing TikTok? Or you want to look more clearly when makeup? All because of the lack of light or sufficient light to make the object difficult to capture by the camera.With this G2, you can take pictures or record videos more clearly and brightly.The G2 is a circular lamp that uses 128-point LED lights, so that objects can be seen more clearly. With lamp power up to 5 to 22W, the results will be even better.Its portable design makes it easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the G2 is equipped with a Built-in Foldable Stand (58-168cm) so you no longer need to carry a tripod separately.

K3 Ring LED Light With Mirror


K3 Ring LED Light With Mirror

Portable K3 Ring Light Led Mirror Rotation Adjustment Angle Makeup Mirror With Led Light Wire control.