Earldom M7 Car Mp3

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Earldom M7 Car Mp3/Bluetooth Best Buy


1. FM transmitter, supporting TF card and U disk

2. Multifunctional Independent Bluetooth Button

3. Bluetooth Hand-free Call, Answer/Hang-up/Reject/Callback

4. Support MP3/WMA/WAV music format, Bluetooth stereo music playback

5, AUX audio input, USB output voltage, can provide voltage to other devices up to 5V/2.1A

7. Call Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction (CVC) Technology

7. Automatic Memory Function of Blackout Frequency Point

8. Frequency Voltage, Vehicle Battery Display


Earldom M7 Car Mp3/Bluetooth Best Buy


Bluetooth FM transmitter: transferring music from mobile phone, U disk, TF card, and MP3 to automobile audio broadcasting

2: Onboard charging: mobile phone / iPad can be charged intelligently through the USB interface

3. Car-borne Bluetooth Hand-free: Mobile phones can use Bluetooth one-button hands-free calls

4. Onboard USB: You can read U disk through the USB interface or TF card through the slot.

5. High fidelity stereo, using DIGITAL, PLL phase-locked loop technology

6. LCD frequency is more convenient to choose

7. Full-frequency point emission (up to 200 frequencies are optional)

8. With power-off memory, it can store the current playing frequency

9. Press the button directly, play/pause, last song/next song


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Earldom M7 Car Mp3
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