GT31 Cell Phone Semi Conductor Cooler

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GT31 Cell Phone Semi Conductor Cooler



GT31 Cell Phone Semi Conductor Cooler

Versatile Functionality: Seamlessly switch between a phone clamp and desktop stand for an immersive live streaming and extended gaming experience.

Embrace unparalleled flexibility in any situation.

Advanced Cooling Technology: Unlock the power of our cutting-edge 5-layer cooling system and dual microchannel heat dissipation.

Experience a remarkable 15℃ temperature drop in just 3 seconds, backed by rigorous 1-hour testing.

Superior Heat Dissipation: Maximize heat dissipation with our meticulously designed exposed cooling channel, featuring a robust metal structure and axial fan blades.

Enjoy five times faster heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance during intense usage.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Immerse yourself in a tranquil and cool environment with our brushless motor, operating below the industry-standard 27dB noise level.

Experience seamless and noiseless cooling like never before.

Intelligent Temperature Control: Our innovative variable frequency feature intelligently regulates temperature, preventing condensation and safeguarding your device from internal moisture.

Rest assured that your valuable equipment is protected.

Secure and Compatible Design: Our reliable clamp securely accommodates phones ranging from 65mm to 89mm.

Benefit from the cold shoe mount, non-slip silicone pad, independent toggle switch, and convenient Type-C charging port for enhanced usability.

Effortless 360° Adjustability: Discover the perfect viewing angle with our 180° front-to-back adjustment and smooth 360° rotation. Effortlessly adapt to your preferred position, enhancing your streaming and content creation experience.

Customizable Height Adjustment: Personalize your setup with our two-section bracket, offering a height range of 185mm to 305mm. Enjoy a comfortable and tailored visual experience that matches your unique needs.

Uncompromising Stability and Durability: Rest easy with our reinforced square base, featuring added weight and an anti-slip silicone pad.

Experience unrivaled stability and prevent tipping, even during dynamic usage.

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GT31 Cell Phone Semi Conductor Cooler
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