Hdmi to Usb 2.0 Z26 Capture Card Best Buy

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Hdmi to Usb 2.0 Z26 Capture Card Best Buy

  • This is a HDMI high definition video capture card. It has a standard USB interface, all-metal body, excellent heat dissipation and long life. No external power supply needed, ultra-thin and compact Good reviewed by buyers
  • It has exquisite appearance, no power, download driver, plug and play, high definition live broadcast, easy and convenient.
  • HD video input and record Provides stable operation, reliability, and unprecedented experience.
  • High definition capture, strong compatibility, smooth photos, no lag or delay. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X systems Sellers provide fast and good after-sales service, can be reliable.
  • Z26 USB 2.0 HDMI 4K HD Audio & Video Capture Card Device


Hdmi to Usb 2.0 Z26 Capture Card Best Buy

This USB 2.0 capture card can simultaneously capture video and audio, and can transmit audio and video signals to a computer or smartphone for preview and storage. It is suitable for high-definition collection, live video collection, teaching record video collection, online course video collection and storage, medical imaging collection, etc.

High-definition 1080P, audio and video synchronization.
USB 2.0 high-speed transmission, the live video does not lag.
The game original picture output, 30 frames per seconds, no delay.
Small size, easy to carry.
Compatible for Computer/Phone/Laptop/Camera/Switch/iPad…

Item name:?1080P Video Capture Card
Material: ABS
HDMI resolution: the maximum input resolution up to 4K
Video output resolution: the maximum output resolution up to 1080P
Video input format: 8/10/12-bit dark
Video output mode: YUV/JPEG
Support audio format: L-PCM
Input cable: input ?15 meters, AWG26 HDMI standard cable.
Maximum working current: 0.4A / 5VDC
Support system: Windows, Android, MacOS
Support most acquisition software: VLC, OBS, Amcap, etc.
Operating temperature range: (-10~55?C)


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Hdmi to Usb 2.0 Z26 Capture Card Best Buy
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