Laptop Cooling Pad S500/Stand

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Laptop Cooling Pad S500/Stand

  • Maximum Protection:? Laptop Cooling Pad Is A Laptop Overheating Solution Which Uses Continuous Cooling Fans To Draw Heat Away From Your Laptop
  • Powerful And Quiet: 5 Ultra Quiet Fans With Blue Led Lights — 1 (120X120X25Mm), 4 (70X70X15Mm) — Fan Speed 1 (1000 10% Rpm) 4 (2000 10% Rpm) — Air Volume 74.35 Cfm
  • Convenient: Holds Any Notebook From 12 To 17″ — Slim And Lightweight For Portability
  • Adjustable: Doubles As Angled Stand With 6 Height Adjustment Levels — Anti-Slip Design
  • Connectivity: USB Powered With A USB Port To Expand Connectivity, Use As USB Hub — 3Ft USB Cable Included



Laptop Cooling Pad S500/Stand




1. Cooling pad for laptop with built-in powerful fan for easy thermal heat dissipation

2. Slim, portable, and lightweight allowing you to protect your PC wherever you go. The total iron mesh design of the cooling pad helps to reduce wind resistance, speed up the flow of wind speed, improve thermal performance

3. Ergonomic design, adjust the stand height, offer you the best view and type angle

4. Adopt ultra silent motor, without any noise, and offer you quiet working surroundings. With 5 fans, enable your laptop fast cooling and improve work efficiency

5. With 2 USB ports, one is for power supply, another is for data

6. Compatible with most notebooks, including for Apple MacBook


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Laptop Cooling Pad S500/Stand
Laptop Cooling Pad S500/Stand 16,100.00
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