Qlt-0086 Laptop Stand with 360* Rotating Base V3.1

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Qlt-0086 Laptop Stand with 360* Rotating Base V3.1

Double-shaft design, stable, easy to adjust; Foldable, easy to carry

Big heat emission hole.

Silicone protection

Adjust tool.


Qlt-0086 Laptop Stand with 360* Rotating Base V3.1

A unique laptop stand should hold your device very securely, even a full-size laptop. This Extra Strong Laptop Riser is constructed to hold all laptops ranging from 11″ to 17″, including the Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Chromebook, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, and more. Ergonomic- Uniquely designed Stand for laptop support is specially calibrated to raise your laptop 6 inches off your work surface with a 15° forward tilt, to achieve the ideal eye-level height for optimum posture and comfort. Adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching, and sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture. Very comfortable for working in the home, office, and outdoors. Featuring a 360° rotatable axis connecting with the base, this laptop stand allows you to swivel your laptop to any angle. It raises your laptop to your sight level to fix your posture and reduce your neck and back stiffness. The angle of the bracket can be adjusted up to 365mm and as low as 30mm. You can choose different angles from 0° to 180° according to your needs. Hollow design, and ventilation, cool down the computer and prevent overheating. The bracket and the contact surface are fully protected by silica to protect the computer from scratches and slips.
High-pressure bearing shaft, strong support that does not fall, and has passed 50,000 rotation tests. This laptop stand for desk is well compatible with all laptops from 14-17.3 inch. Multi-purpose: office, conference room, library, coffee shop, kitchen, music room, etc., can be placed laptops, tablets, projectors, menus, music books, magazines, etc.

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