Qlt-057 Laptop Stand

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Qlt-057 Laptop Stand



Qlt-057 Laptop Stand

laptop stand with Double-shaft design, stable, easy to adjust;

2. Foldable, easy to carry

3. Big heat emission hole.

4. With silicone protection

5. With adjust tool.

Dimension: 23.2 Inch long, 11.75 width.

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Product name Laptop Stand Holder Table Desk for Macbook



A Unique laptop stand should hold your device very securely, even a full-size laptop. This Extra Strong Laptop Riser is constructed to hold all laptops ranging from 11″ to 17″, including the Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Chromebook, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, and more.

Ergonomic- Uniquely designed Stands for laptop support are specially calibrated to raise your laptop 6 inches off your work surface with a 15° forward tilt, to achieve the ideal eye-level height for optimum posture and comfort. Adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching, and sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture. Very comfortable for working in the home, office, and outdoor

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Qlt-057 Laptop Stand
Qlt-057 Laptop Stand 24,300.00
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