Solidigm P41 Plus NVMe M.2 Ssd 1tb

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Solidigm P41 Plus NVMe M.2 Ssd 1tb

The P41 Plus is optimized for power savings and thermal efficiency to help deliver consistent performance with minimal throttling.

  • Endurance and Reliability
    The P41 Plus is highly durable, allowing you to write more data and read it back with fewer errors over the life of your SSD. You can write hundreds of GB to the drive every day over a five-year warranty period, enabling you to rely on the P41 Plus to provide consistent high performance for the life of your SSD.


Solidigm P41 Plus NVMe M.2 Ssd 1tb

  • The Solidigm P41 Plus Solid-State Drive (SSD) delivers excellent PCIe Generation 4 storage performance and value for your personal computer (PC)
  • With up to 4,125 MB/s sequential read speeds the P41 Plus delivers storage performance that enables your everyday productivity and innovation
  • M.2 form factor, NVMe version 1.4 SSD available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Excellent Performance for Everyday Work and Play the P41 Plus is durable and reliable with outstanding power savings and heat efficiency
  • Pair the P41 Plus SSD with free and downloadable Solidigm Synergy software for added performance and faster access to your files and programs
  • Solidigm was founded in 2021 after Intel sold its SSD and NAND business to SK Hynix. Backed by decades of SSD innovation and market leadership, Solidigm SSDs deliver world-class performance and reliability you can trust.

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