Yooba Ybl-4 Earpiece Best Buy

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Yoobao Earpiece YBL-4 Best Quality

  • Brand : Yoobao
  • Product Name : YB-503
  • Color : Blue, Green, Silver, Gold
  • Earphone Type : Half-in-ear
  • Frequency Response Range : 20Hz~20kHz
  • Bluetooth Version : 5.0
  • Working Distance : ?10m
  • Capacity of Earphone Battery : 80mAh
  • Charging Time : about 1.5h
  • Phone Time : about 4h
  • Music Time : about 5h


Yoobao Earpiece YBL-4 Best Quality

YOOBAO EARPIECE YBL-4 ?with Microphone, Smart Slide Bar Volume Enhancement Control, and 1-Button System. ? Enjoy rich sound with your phone calls, podcasts, and playlists using these in-ear headphones with a microphone.

Deliver stellar audio quality regardless of volume.? Ultra-high resolution, the bass is thicker and the treble is clear and bright.? Provides a comfortable fit for your ears and long-time wearing, giving you a clear listening experience without ambient noise.


3.5mm?Perfect sound needs a perfect signal transfer. That is why we have coated the connector with gold. No signal loss, better music quality.

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Yooba Ybl-4 Earpiece Best Buy
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