Yoobao En1000S 280800Mah Power Bank

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Yoobao EN1000P 280800mAh AC1000W Best Buy

article value
output interface DC, Type-C, USB/DC, Triple USB
input interface DC
function Fast Charge Support LED Indicator Two-way Fast Charge Fast Charge Convenient PD Charge Rechargeable Flashlight Fast Charger Flexible Durable With LED Light Multifunction High Quality Storage Fashion Large Capacity Type c Power Bank Protection New High Speed
Type Fast Charge High Capacity Wired?Power Station?LED Display Outdoor USB Universal Flashing Laptop Power Bank
battery type 18650 lithium battery
Place of Origin China
brand name Yoobao
item number EN1000S
weight 11.5kg
protection circuits Over-discharge, short-circuit protection, over-charge
support device Laptop
capacity 280800mAh
Characteristics outdoors
base AC outlet
outriggers Smartphones/Laptop/Household Appliances/
Compatible 99% digital 5V mobile devices
application Outside inside


Yoobao En1000s 280800Mah Ac1000W Power Bank Best Buy

Product Description

  • Model: EN1000s
  • Capacity: 2808000mAh/3.2V(Li-iron Phosphate)
  • Battery energy:614.4Wh ?TYP?
  • AC Output: 600W (AC 220V-50Hz Sine wave)?MAX:1200W?
  • DC input: 12V?24V/6A?Max100W?
  • Type-C input C1 : DC 5V?3A/9V?3A/12V?3A /15V?3A /220V?5A
  • Type-C output C1 : DC 5V?3A/9V?3A/12V?3A /15V?3A /220V?5A
  • Type-C output C2/C3 : DC 5V?3A/9V?2.22A/12V=1.67A?PD20W)
  • USB-A1/A2 Output:DC 5V?3A/9V?2A/12V=1.5A(QC18W)
  • USB-A3/A4 Output:DC 5V?3A/9V?2A/12V=1.5A(QC18W)
  • DC Output 1/2?DC 13.8V=5A
  • Car Charging Output: DC12V=13.8V=10A
  • LED Power: 3W
  • Dimension:289.5*205*211.5mm?About?
  • Weight: 7500g?About?
  • Standard?GB 31241-2014
  • 614Wh/1000W High Capacity and High Power
  • 2AC 2DC 3 Type-C 4USB 1Car Charge
  • Full Digital Accurate Colored Display
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • PD 100W Two-way Fast Charge
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery


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Yoobao En1000S 280800Mah Power Bank
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