Qlt-056 Laptop Stand

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Qlt-056 Laptop Stand

  • Ergonomic design can effectively improve your sitting posture and work comfortably
  • Adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching, and sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture.
  • Very comfortable for working in the home, office, and outdoors.


Qlt-056 Laptop Stand

Adjustable and Foldable: Raises the height of your laptop for the most comfortable viewing position to prevent shoulder and waist pain.

Aluminum Alloy Material: High-quality aluminum alloy material, strong bearing capacity, not easy to rust, and durable for long-lasting.

Anti-skid Silicone Design: With non-slip silicone pad design, allows you to place your laptop stably to avoid accidentally shaking and sliding.

Stable And Protective: Made of alloy, the stand is quite sturdy and has a smooth edge that protects you from being scratched.

Ergonomic Design: The screen positioned at eye level and tilted angle maximally relieves your neck and shoulder strain. A good sitting posture at your workstation means your body is relaxed. Height and angle adjustment accord with an ergonomic design which adjusts the posture and correct posture and can ease pains in the shoulder and waist for comfortable viewing, reading, and typing.

Heat Dissipation

The aluminum material itself has an endothermic function, helping reduce laptops’ temperature naturally. The Hollow design offers more space for airflow to keep your device cool.

Wide Compatibility: Practical design for your life, fits all notebooks, PCs, and laptops up to 17″. (For?Apple?MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, HP, Dell, and other laptops.)

Ergonomic design can effectively improve your sitting posture and work comfortably. In addition, it adopts a multi-angle adjustment design and you can adjust the viewing angle according to your needs.
With a hollow design, it can effectively dissipate the heat of the laptop/tablet and it is suitable for long-term work.
Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and silicone material, the laptop holder is stable and durable.
The length of the product is 16cm, the width is 14cm, the height is 4cm.
It is suitable for home, office, dormitory, etc. It is suitable for notebooks below 19 inches and tablets below 12.9 inches.

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Qlt-056 Laptop Stand
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