Our Mission, About Nonsman Global System Limited

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Nonsman Global Systems Limited is an integrated one-stop ICT Accessories Boutique and a foremost brand name within its industry commanding a significant share of the market for mobile, gaming and computer accessories in Computer Village/Lagos/Nigeria.


To be an industry leader in the distribution of IT Gadgets and Accessories in Nigeria

Mission statement:

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses through the delivery of innovative IT gadgets and accessories that significantly enhance lives, driving growth and efficiency well beyond the expectations of our customer

Core Values:


V - Value-Based Services

I - Innovation

I - Integrity

C - Customer Focus

E - Excellence

Target Market:

Our main target market are resellers of mobile, gaming and computer accessories but we also have a focus on end users of these items.

nonsman about us

NGSL is a major importer, wholesaler and retailer with a larger wholesaler recognition within and outside Lagos. Nonsman is currently the sole distributors for the Advance Media Storage brand of data storage devices (memory cards and flash drives) as well as a major distributor for Western Digital (owners of the SanDisk brand).

The vision of NGSL is to become the clear industry leader in importation and distribution of accessories as well as lead the way in transforming Nigeria from being net importer to a net producer/exporter of IT accessories; And a mission statement that speaks to the fact that every customer enjoys distinct customer experience being provided important information that enables them to make a valuable buying decision and that every product bought from our shops is of the highest quality.

With highly motivated staffs made of up of sales executives, sales supervisors, sales managers and other support (accountant, store keeper etc) We are currently undertaking a major turnaround business transformation exercise which has seen us acquire new store and warehouse spaces which will serve as our flagship wholesale outlet and central warehouse respectively.