RGB Selfie RingLight Led 18inch

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RGB Selfie RingLight Led 18inch

  • tripod
  • 3 phone holders
  • charger
  • the light


RGB Selfie RingLight Led 18inch

You can finally get the Professional lighting you need to create AMAZING photos and Videos in a COMPLETE KIT with this LED Light Kit. A ring light is a simple lighting tool that is commonly used for beauty shots, portraits, and macro photography. … When used in photography, it creates an attractive catch light on a subject’s eyes while emitting even, diffused lighting that helps eliminate shadows.

Works with ALL Smartphones and Digital Cameras!Everything you need to grow your Social Media by shooting incredible photos and videos in one kit! Just add your phone or camera!

This dimmable ring light kit creates the almost perfect shadowless fill lighting around your face giving it a halo effect perfect for makeup artists or video bloggers giving a near flawless look, while the long-lasting LED bulbs (50,000 hrs+) are cool to the touch so you can keep your cool under the bright lights, with no annoying humming or flickering common with fluorescent bulbs.

RGB LED Ring Light (45cm)
2. Phone holder – 3 pcs.
3. Metal tripod 220 cm. (From 70 cm to 220 cm.)
5. Adjustment of the inclination of the lamp.
6. Remote control for adjusting the glow of the lamp.
7. Remote control for photo and video filming.

Very bright white and warm light as well as other colors of the rainbow.
New NetStar MJ-18 RGB lamp (45 cm) 2020, brighter and more reliable than old models!
MJ-18 RGB ring lamp (45 cm).
Can be used for photos and videos, to create a festive atmosphere, as well as for parties with an exclusive shimmer effect!
MJ18 RGB lamp (45 cm) has flexible light settings!

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