Yoobao EN700Q 700W 192000mah Power Station

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Yoobao EN700Q 700W 192000mah Power Station

YOOBAO EN700Q Specification:
Model: EN700Q
AC Output 2: (Pure Sine Wave)
Battery Capacity: 192000mAh (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Power: 614.4Wh
AC Input: 500W
Type-C Output: DC 5V,3A/9V,3A/12V,3A/15V,3A/20V,5A (PD 100W)
DC5521 Input: 12V-28V, 5A (Max 120W)
USB A1 Output: DC 5V, 2.4A
USB A2 Ouput: DC 5V, 2.4A
DV5521 + Car Charger: DC 12V–10A
Charging Temperature: 0°C-50°C
Discharging Temperature: 5°C-65°C
USB A1 + A2 Output: DC 5V,3A (Max)
Power of Light: 3W
Standard: GB 31241-2014


Yoobao EN700Q 700W 192000mah Power Station

With the coming of autumn, the weather is no longer so hot, many people go camping or have a picnic as a family. At this time, a power station that can support some household appliances outdoors is especially important. The EN700Q is very suitable for outdoor activities, let’s see what functions it has.

The characteristics of EN700Q
EN700Q is made of lithium iron phosphate cells, Compared with other batteries, better quality, safe to use, and more environmentally friendly. It has a 614Wh battery capacity, which supports AC 700W output and AC 500W input, you can recharge it in 1.4 hours.

The function of EN700Q
As the best power station in the middle power segment, yoobao EN700Q is 200W higher than the general 500W outdoor power station, it can not only drive general digital equipment and electrical appliances but also drive most of the small household appliances on the market, such as kettle, rice cooker, etc. It can not only charge laptops but also boil water and cook in the open air, which can easily meet camping needs.

Super fast recharging speed
Bi-directional inverter technology, no more bulky adaptor, fully recharged in 1.4 hours only, as short as a packing time or lunchtime,8 times faster than normal station which takes 8 hours to recharge.