AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod

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AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod


AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod

This AY-49 Video Recording Kit with light and microphone is perfect for filming, YouTube videos, phone streaming, personal phone videos, live music, and outdoor events.

LED video light is universal and lightweight with super LED light, and can adjust the brightness to fit your needs.

A professionally designed anti-interference microphone is perfect for enhancing the audio from any integrated recording device.

Moreover, with a mini tripod and smartphone or camera, your shooting would be more convenient and stable.


The AY-49 Vlogging Tripod is designed to meet these requirements, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to create high-quality vlogs.

Designed with a foldable plate, the tripod is dually applicable for hand gripping and table settling, ergonomically designed shape makes gripping more comfortable.

It provides stability and versatility to content creators.


The kit is designed for smartphone video recording with a 3.5mm TRRS plug microphone. The Video Vlog Kit can be used for most of the scenes and frees your hands.

It is suitable for outdoor travel, video shooting, conference recording and interviews, music recording, Vlog making, live streaming, online makeup, video chatting, and more.

Compatible with all smartphones & cameras

Multiple Usage Scenarios

Wide Application

Mini tripod remote control

Phone Holder Mount

High Quality LED Light

Easy To Use

Lightweight and Portable


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AY-49 Video Making Kit Vlogging Tripod
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