D-007 Handheld Game Console-Ash

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D-007 Handheld Game Console-Ash


D-007 Handheld Game Console-Ash

DUAL 3D JOYSTICK: 3D Joystick, cross shape directional keys double 3D control lever design can be selected according to different games corresponding to the control lever.

SUPPORT TF STORAGE CARD EXPANSION: Built-in 64GB memory card, can download games your own, supports TF memory card expansion, and supports up to 128GB

HIGH PERFORMANCE CHIP: RK3326 quad core 1.5GHZ.High-performance quad-core 64Bit/A35/CPUMa-G31/GPU/PFS supports 60HZ operation,can run smoothly without stuttering for large 2D/3D games


WITH 3.5 INCH HIGH-DEFINITION LARGE SCREEN: 3.5-inch IPS high-definition fully fitted color screen, with delicate and soft graphics for better eye protection

STRONG ENDURANCE BATTERY: Built-in 2500MAH lithium-ion battery can charge for 1 hour and play for 4 hours. The battery lasts 8 hours on a full charge, 4 hours on a full charge, and 10 days on standby.

WITH 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK: 3D stereo surrounds the ears, ensuring that it does not affect others’ rest during quiet hours at night

SUPPORT HDTV OUTPUT: Support the large screen synchronous output of the connected controller two-player game to make the game more exciting.

UPGRADE THE MECHANICAL BUTTON BOARD MACHINE: Real spring four-board machine LR key on the back, better-releasing fingers during gaming, achieving strength as a game expert.

SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLAYER GAMES: D007 built-in 10000+ games, support for dual-player games with connected controllers, with large screen synchronous output for a more thrilling gaming experience.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY WHEN GOING OUT: Play anytime, anywhere you want


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D-007 Handheld Game Console-Ash
D-007 Handheld Game Console-Ash 95,000.00
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