Digirich Sleek Flash 32Gb White

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Digirich Sleek Flash 32Gb White

  • Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 2.0

    High-speed data transfer rates significantly cut annoying waiting time when you are copying large multimedia files to or from your computer’s hard disk.


Digirich Sleek Flash 32Gb White

  • Trendy USB stick due to colourful design

    Pick your trendy colour; canary yellow, party pink, ultraviolet purple, dragon green, electric blue or sunrise orange to enhance your daily pursuits of storing and sharing your data and hike up the fun factor

  • Protective integrated cap for your convenience

    Never lose your cap again! The protective cap is integrated into the product design, so it will always stay attached to the USB stick. To bring it into use, you only have to turn the cap backwards, plug the stick in and play.

  • Easy opening and user-friendly packaging

    The markings and perforations on the packaging show you the best way to open your packaging and get quick access to your USB stick without hassle.


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Digirich Sleek Flash 32Gb White
Digirich Sleek Flash 32Gb White 3,600.00
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