Godox Vk1-Ax Vlog Kit

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Godox Vk1-Ax Vlog Kit

As a self-contained video kit with excellent performance, VK1 provides everything you need to make a great video. The entire accessories from the professional mic and the versatile RGB light to the robust rig and the extensible tripod are of high quality. With VK1, you will find video creation is much easier and more interesting than you?ve ever thought.

All the Kit You Need
Whether you are looking for start-up gear to improve shooting skills or a portable studio to catch the best possible footage in everyday life, Vk1 will perfectly meet your needs. Just let your creative juices flow and make your blockbusters with VK1 right now.


Godox Vk1-Ax Vlog Kit

VD-Mic: A clear recording is key to an impressive video, and that is what VK1 ensures with its directional VD-Mic. Powered directly by your phone, the mic always works smoothly. Whether doing interviews live-streaming indoors or recording a travel vlog in noisy surroundings, this kit will always deliver a broadcast-quality sound for your video.

Litemons LED6R: Proper lighting will be the final touch to your video content. Possessing 36000 selectable hues as well as built-in effects like fireworks, campfire, and so on, the detachable and magnetic Litemon LED6R in VK1 will create a unique lighting atmosphere for your video.

Smart Grip: Being eager to explore more camera movement techniques? The dual-handle operation of the rig grants you steadier control over your smartphone while shooting from different angles and with creative techniques. The smartphone clamp on the rig holds the phone firmly, allowing you to create at ease.

Unlimited Extension: Once your demand grows with your techniques, the 3 standard shoe mounts and 6 universal 1/4? mounts on the rig give you absolute freedom to add more accessories. Moreover, shooting with a single hand or dual hands, on the tabletop or the go, horizontally or vertically, the choice is yours.

Enhanced Tripod: The tripod was robustly built to securely hold all the accessories and even more. A layer of rubber is attached to the bottom of the tripod to ensure stable shooting in any environment. The tiltable head and extensible leg allow you to easily adjust to any desired shooting angle.


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Godox Vk1-Ax Vlog Kit
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