Hjx-001 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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Hjx-001 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

  • USB Bluetooth New generation of normal speakers into Bluetooth speakers is designed to be ultra-small and convenient
  • So that you can experience the sound perfectly.
  • Super small; Modern and luxurious with the super durable plastic outer shell
  • Operating distance: 10-15 m
  • Stereo audio output with 3.5mm . jack
  • Power supply: 5V via USB port
  • Plug and Play technology no need to install
  • Technology used: advanced Bluetooth 5.0


Hjx-001 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

For No USB port Speakers: Supply power to the device by connecting the charger with a 5 V USB interface, then connect the Speaker’s AUX port with the audio cable.
For Speakers with USB port: Connect the device with the speaker’s USB port directly, then connect the Speaker’s AUX port with the audio cable.
Step two:
Turn on the Bluetooth function of the computer, mobile, or another device that has Bluetooth function, search for the H-163 device to connect, and input: 0000 for matching when the device is in the matching mode. After matching success, the indicator light turns to twinkle slowly. Then you can use it for iPhone and other Bluetooth transmitters playing the music. and output rates: 44.1KHZ and 48KHZ.


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Hjx-001 Bluetooth Audio Receiver
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