Hp 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger

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Hp 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger

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HP 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger

This replacement HP power adaptor is designed for your laptop’s health and complete protection.

This 18.5V 3.5A laptop charger has over‎-current‎,‎ and voltage protection.‎ The output protection is overload and short‎-circuit protection with insulation Strength of Class A‎

Key Features:

  • Operating Frequency: 60/50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 18.5V
  • Output currency: 3.5A
  • output power: 65W
  • Small Pin Connector

Compactable with

HP Pavilion DV6000 Series:
DV6000, Dv6000t, Dv6000z, Dv6040us, Dv6045nr, DV6100, Dv6101eu, Dv6104eu, Dv6105us, Dv6110us, Dv6115eu, Dv6116eu, Dv6120us, Dv6122ea, Dv6125se, Dv6129us, Dv6135nr, Dv6140ca, Dv6140us, Dv6150ca, Dv6150us, Dv6152eu, Dv6157ea, Dv6174ea, Dv6187ea, Dv6190eu, DV6200, DVHp 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger Hp 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger

HP Pavilion DV8000 Series:
DV8000, DV8000CTO, Dv8000t, Dv8000xx, Dv8000z, Dv8002ea, DV8005, Dv8005ea, DV8010, DV8013, DV8013CL, Dv8025ea, DV8026ea, Dv8027ea, Dv8028ea, Dv8029ea, Dv8030ea, Dv8035ea, DV8040, DV8040CA, DV8040US, DV8045, Dv8050ea, Dv8051ea, DV8080, DV8088, DV8088US, DV8100, DV8110, DV8110US, DV8113, DV8113CL, DV8120, DV8120CA, DV8120US, DV8123, DV8123CL, DV8125, DV8125NR, DV8130, DV8130US, DV8135nr, DV8140, DV8140US, DV8155, Dv8173ea, DV8200, Dv8210ca, Dv8210us, Dv8213cl, Dv8220ca, Dv8220us, Dv8225ca, Dv8225nr, Dv8230ca, Dv8230us, Dv8233cl, Dv8235nr, Dv8240us, Dv8280us, Dv8298xx, Dv8299xx, Dv8300, Dv8301nr, Dv8305ca, Dv8305us, Dv8309us, Dv8310ca, Dv8310us, Dv8315ca, Dv8315nr, Dv8320ca, Dv8320us, Dv8327ca, Dv8327cl, Dv8328ca, Dv8330us, Dv8333cl, Dv8339us, Dv8380us, Dv8408us

HP Pavilion DV9000 Series:
DV9000, DV9100, DV9400, DV9500


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Hp 18.5V Small Pin Laptop Charger
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