Iconix I-SW1006 Smart Watch

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Iconix I-SW1006 Smart Watch



Iconix I-SW1006 Smart Watch

1.99-inch full-screen high-definition display, 320 * 380 resolution dis
Create your style, choose a case, match a strap, and support a variety of strap configuration styles you can create.

Built-in 5 sets of U style, custom select UI style, intelligent definition of quick split screen, a large number of dials custom switch.

Sports mode, with you to enjoy the end of the world to support a variety of common sports slow styles, a key switch, and intelligent follow.
Wireless safe charging, low power standby, built-in battery, wireless configuration safe and stable charging to protect the battery, low power standby.

Social information, Bluetooth calls, Bluetooth synchronization of cell phone calls, display timely information without missing the scene mode optional.

All weather Follow your wrist closely, monitor your health, and quickly calculate your heart rate, blood pressure, and other data.

Dial market, one button to enter sports mode, screen out time setting, smart split screen display, sweep connection, custom dial, custom components, 24 languages, voice call, password lock screen, casual mini-games, sports mode, drink reminder, breathing training, sleep monitoring, heart rate, call reminder, blood pressure, message reminder, blood oxygen, sedentary reminder, calculator, alarm reminder, find bracelet, stopwatch Raise wrist to light up Screen.

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How to use BT call

The Bluetooth call function requires dual Bluetooth signal support, so you need to connect twice according to the instructions:

the QR code on the manual through the mobile phone browser, download the dedicated app and turn on the mobile phone BT. Find and connect the
device in the app. Confirm binding

the device in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone (check the device name in the watch to check the device information), and select the connection and pairing. Support  Bluetooth call Mobile phone synchronization of frequently used contacts. So you can just use the watch to make calls and answer via the watch.


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Iconix I-SW1006 Smart Watch
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