Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Now you can reply to your friend with the same comfortable, familiar typing experience you’re used to and go right back to typing your blog with the simple flick of a dial. Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices that support external keyboards HID profile.

K480 is a comfortable and space-saving multi-device keyboard that brings better typing to your laptop, tablet, or phone. Pair up to 3 devices and seamlessly switch typing between them. Highly durable and with long battery life, this tightly designed, multi-tasking keyboard is what everyone needs to get more done from anywhere.
This minimalist layout features all the keys you need in a space-saving design?plus it lets you place your mouse closer to you, which means less arm reaching, more comfort, and better body posture. The scooped keys offer a fluid, comfortable typing experience.
It?s thin, lightweight, and easy to take wherever you need to be. K400 Plus with?Bluetooth??wireless technology lets you type on your laptop, phone or tablet?with no wires or cables necessary, so you can get work done anywhere.
Any device, any OS. The K480 connects to any?Bluetooth-enabled device with external keyboard support, so you can work seamlessly with Windows?, macOS?, Chrome OS?, Android?, iOS?,?and iPadOS?.
K480 Multi-Device lets you pair with up to three devices and easily switch connections between them. All it takes is a turn of the dial to type, switch, and keep on typing.
The built-in phone and tablet cradle keeps your screen at just the right angle so you can view it while you type. Fits most phones and tablets up to 10.5 mm thick and 258 mm wide.



Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Type on Any Device: A new type of wireless computer keyboard for your desk that also works with your tablet and smartphone; connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device with external keyboard support
  • Easy-Switch Dial: Turn the dial of the Logitech K480 keyboard to switch typing between 3 connected Bluetooth wireless devices, you can work with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iPadOS
  • Familiar Keyboard Layout: Find all the shortcut keys you use the most, but in a space-saving design that lets you place your mouse close to you, for less arm reaching and better posture
  • Integrated Cradle: A cradle to hold your phone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type; fits most phones and tablets up to 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide
  • Reliable Power: This portable, wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes with 2 pre-installed AAA batteries which can last up to 24 months (2) and are compatible with wired, wireless, or Bluetooth mice
  • Durable and Spill-resistant: The wireless and compact keyboard K480 is also spill-resistant (1) to survive small accidents; it?s a reliable and durable partner for your desk at home, or at work
  • Upgrade to Logitech K780 Keyboard: For more productivity and comfort, try the K780 keyboard with a number pad for efficient data inputs, Bluetooth/USB, scooped keys, and a cradle to hold your phone

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Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
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