Qlt-0036 Phone Holder with 360* Rotating Base

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Qlt-0036 Phone Holder with 360* Rotating Base


Qlt-0036 Phone Holder with 360* Rotating Base

360 Rotation CNC Aluminum Desk phone Stand
360-degree rotation: It is equipped with a large 360-degree rotation chassis. The two axes are connected to the base, making the rotation more flexible.

The bracket allows you to rotate the tablet to any angle.
Stability and protection: The rotary tablet support is made of thickened aluminum alloy with smooth edges, which can protect the computer from scratches.

A highly durable silicone pad is provided to ensure a close connection with the desktop, and your tablet is firmly fixed in place without fear of shaking and slipping.
Ergonomic design: The stand can be used as a lifter to raise the flat screen to your line of sight. Whether you are standing or sitting on the computer, it can effectively relieve neck or back pain caused by long-term use of the computer.

Whether working at home or in your office, it will also solve all your posture problems.
Portable and foldable bracket: This tablet phone bracket can be easily folded and can be carried in the backpack to the coffee shop, office, or travel, outdoors, and anywhere you go.
Hollow heat dissipation design: Hollow heat dissipation design, good heat dissipation performance. The aluminum material itself has a heat absorption function, which helps to naturally reduce the temperature of the tablet phone.

The hollow design provides more space for airflow, which can effectively dissipate heat and prevent the flat panel from overheating, prevent the stuck machine from crashing, and cool down your equipment.

The tablet holder is compatible with all 4.7-12-inch tablets/phones.

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Qlt-0036 Phone Holder with 360* Rotating Base
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