TP-Link M7650 4G LTE Wi-Fi 600mb/s

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TP-Link M7650 4G LTE Wi-Fi 600mb/s


TP-Link M7650 4G LTE Wi-Fi 600mb/s

Advanced Screen & Menu for Easy Using

The intuitive screen display of M7650 makes it easy to stay within your data budget and avoids going over the monthly data cap. The screen also displays much more information on battery life, signal strength, Wi-Fi status, connected users, and more.

  • Home
  • Device Info
  • Power Saving
  • WPS
  • Wi-Fi Band
  • Network Mode
  • Data Roaming
  • App Download

Internet Access for up to 32 Devices Simultaneously

The tp-link M7650 can easily share a 4G/3G connection with up to 32 wireless devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones at the same time. It can also provide internet access for desktop computers via the integrated USB port.

Power to Keep Working All-day-long

M7650 is equipped with a powerful 3000mAh battery. On its own, it can work effortlessly for up to 15 hours at full capacity and stand by for over 900 hours. M7650 can be recharged via a micro USB cable connected to a laptop, portable charger, or adapter for endless hours of 4G sharing.


  • Jungle Adventure
  • Have a rest
  • Go home

* Battery life may vary by environmental conditions.

Spread Your Wings with an Elegant Wi-Fi Companion

The smooth curves and elegant, compact design make the lightweight M7650 perfect for personal travel, business trips, outdoor activities, and everywhere else life takes you.

Wireless Media Sharing from Micro SD Card

It’s now easier than ever to share photos, music, videos, and more in your mobile network from a micro SD Storage – that supports optional storage of up to 32G.

* Micro SD card sold separately.
* You can access and share files using tp MiFi App for iOS/Android.

  • Micro SD Card
  • Micro SIM Card

Easy Management with the tp MiFi App

With the tp MiFi App, you can easily access and manage the M7650 from your connected iOS/Android devices. The tp MiFi app allows you to establish data limits, control which devices can access your Wi-Fi, send messages, and share media files to/from a removable Micro SD card.

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TP-Link M7650 4G LTE Wi-Fi 600mb/s
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