Yoobao EN1200Q 1200W 384000mah Power Station

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Yoobao EN1200Q 1200W 384000mah Power Station

  • AC1000W Input
  • Quickly Recharge
  • 400W Solar Charging
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Brand: Yoobao
Model: YB-EN1200Q
Battery Power: 384000mAh (1229Wh)
Battery Type: 32700 Lithium iron phosphate battery
Shell of material: ABS Resin + PC
Weight : 16kg (about)
Dimensions: 305*285*200mm (about)
Warranty period: 12 Months

What’s in the Box:
1 x Yoobao YB-EN1200Q 384000mAh Power Station
1 x Charger
1 x DC5521 Car Cigarette Lighter Cable
1 x 3 Pin Plug Adapter
1 x User Manual


Yoobao EN1200Q 1200W 384000mah Power Station

Yoobao EN1200Q 384000mAh 1200W Output + 1000W Inverter Input Power Station Powerbank with LCD Display, Multiple Interfaced, PD100W Type C Fast Charging and 400W Solar Charging for Emergency Power and Energy Supply
It is 200W higher than the ordinary 1000W outdoor power station on the market. Which greatly improves the power range of the electric appliances that can be driven. Whether it is the 1200W popular Bruno cooking port, or the 1000W household electric kettle and rice cooker can be easily driven. Just enjoy your self-driving travel and outdoor camping. It is also a home emergency power backup and your good helper for outdoor photography and office work.

Output Wave Type: Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Power: 1200W (peak 2400W) (2 Ports) (Universal)
AC Output Voltage : 220V- 50Hz/ 110V-60Hz
USB-A Output: 5V-2.4A (2 Ports)
USB-C Output : 5V-3A 9V-3A 12V-3A, 15V-3A, 20V-5A (1 Port)
DC 5521 Output: 12V-10A (Current share with cigarette lighter port) (2 Ports)
Cigarette lighter port: 12V-10A (Current share with the 2 DC ports)

AC Input Power: 1000W (Fully recharge in 1.4Hour)
AC Input Voltage/ Current: 220V-2.4A, 110V-4.6A
DC5521 Input: 20V/ 5A
DC Recharging Time: about 14H (100W adapter), about 12H (120W solar panel charging)
XT60 Input: 4-8H (400W solar panel charging)

Yoobao EN1200Q 1200W 384000mah Power Station
Yoobao EN1200Q 1200W 384000mah Power Station 812,100.00
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