Huawei Watch Fit Tia-B19

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Huawei Watch Fit Bia-19 Best Buy

Huawei Mirror Smart Scale Features

Big data, Mathematical modeling & PCA algorithm.

Technical guidance from the China Institute of Sport Science (CISS).

Adopts high precision BIA chip, 4 pressure sensors, and 360? adjustable scale feet to achieve accurate & convenient measurement.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

Metal-less ITO layer for enhanced sensitivity.

Measure regularly with a smart alarm clock for more accurate measurement.

Provides comprehensive health reports and customized health suggestions.


Huawei Watch Fit Bia-19 Best Buy

Get your fitness and adventure goals on track with the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant Bundle with Scale.

The Huawei Watch Fit Watch Elegant Edition boasts a polished stainless steel watch frame that is sleek and premium, and pairs seamlessly with the soft fluoroelastomer strap for an always comfortable fit.

The Huawei Mirror Smart Scale boasts a slim design and assists with fat loss through a comprehensive understanding of your unique body type?s physical conditions in one detection, including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, protein, visceral fat, muscle mass, body water percentage, bone mass, and BMR.


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Huawei Watch Fit Tia-B19
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